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Barn Baron 

Suppliers Of Reclaimed Wood in Michigan

The history and character of the wood you use can create an environment that warms and inspires.

Barn Wood | Barn Baron
Reclaimed Barn Wood | Barn Baron
Old Barn Wood | Reclaimed Hardware
Barn Wood | Barn Baron | Reclaimed Barn Wood
Reclaimed Barn Wood | Reclaimed Stone | Barn Baron

Our Services

Barn Removal

Is there a barn on your land that can’t be saved? Let us remove it for you. We are licensed, insured, and sign hold harmless contracts.

Barn Restoration

Let us help you restore character to your property. WE can help restore your barn by providing lumber, hardware, and/or expertise.

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Schedule a time to come and see our wood, stone, and hardware stored in our old barns.

What Our Customers Say

We know the history of all our wood,

and dismantle everything ourselves.

Jeremy was very friendly and easy to work with.  He took the time to handpick boards that fit the description of what I was looking for.  My project came out better than I hoped for.  Thanks again!

Nicholas Noe

I have been looking for the correct type of weathered wood for quite some time. Jeremy worked with me to find exactly what I was looking for for my indoor barnwood wall and it looks spectacular!

Lucy Fuller

The experience was exquisite. From the product to the owners, everything was top "notch". They were able to deliver on everything I expected and more. My project went smoothly with Jeremy's help!

TJ Green

Do you need a barn removed from your land? Let us do it for you!

Mill Work
Michigan Barn
Preservation Network

When our clients need help making their vision a reality, our mill shop can meet all of their needs. We would be glad to help.

Michigan Barn Preservation Network

We are pround members of the MBPN

We will gladly ship anywhere in the continental U.S. Please contact us for pricing.

The Michigan Barn Preservation Network is committed to rehabilitation of barns for agricultural, commercial, residential, and public uses.

It is an active state-wide organization of barn owners and enthusiasts. Visit the MBPN website to learn more about this great organization!

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