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Barn Baron Biography


Growing up in West Michigan and enjoying the outdoors with his family, Jeremy Beadner has fond memories of driving through the countryside wondering, “What’s in those old barns?  Do they have the same old stuff we played on in Uncle Jim’s barn?”  After engineering school, God led him (but he didn’t know Him at the time) to purchase a small farm with a beautiful barn in Cascade Township.  The purchase of the property, and cleaning out the old junk in the barn, led to him using a few pieces of wood for some small projects.  More importantly, it led him to remember all of the wonderful times playing with his cousins in the barn as a kid.  Soon, the memories were the only thing left as the scraps of wood were all used.  What’s more, he couldn’t seem to find anywhere to buy more of the character rich wood.    Soon after, Barn Baron was started out of the barn on the small farm and, once again, he was “playing” in the barn as clients would come to purchase wood for their projects.


Jeremy believes that one’s home, work place, and environment should be a place of peace and a refuge from the world.  His hope is that your relationships with the ones closest to you will be rich, meaningful and character-filled, just like the wood that defines your gathering places.  Our lives as broken individuals are marked with scars, dings and dents from the past.  It’s the imperfections that make us beautiful.  It’s the nail holes in One’s life that make us perfect.  Our past helps propel us to our future.


Jeremy hopes others will be inspired by their environments and works personally with each client on projects of any size.  Whether you need two boards for a picture frame or thousands of them for your dream home, every client is important.


Every board is important too.  He makes it a point to know the history of all the wood…so be prepared to hear a story or two.  By keeping all aspects of the process in-house, Barn Baron is able to hand select the wood that meets his quality standards.  All of the dimensional wood and siding is stored indoors and/or out of the elements in old barns, preserving the character until it is ready to be repurposed…or what Jeremy believes was God’s intended purpose all along.

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