Barn Baron Biography

Jeremy and Rebecca Beadner

Jeremy and Rebecca Beadner have a love for all things old and all things wood. A few years ago, after buying their small farm, they discovered the rich character that barn wood can bring to a home, and they began to look for ways to share that with others.

They believe that one’s home, work place, and environment should be a place of peace and a refuge from the world. Their hope is that your relationships with the ones closest to you will be rich, meaningful and character-filled, just like the wood that defines your gathering places.

The Beadners want people to be inspired by their environments and they work personally with each client on projects of any size. Whether you need two boards for a picture frame or thousands of them for your dream home, every client is important.

Every board is important too. The Beadners make it a point to know the history of all of their wood … so be prepared to hear a story or two. After choosing a barn, Don and Ryan (the nuts and bolts of the team) dismantle everything. By keeping all aspects of the process in-house, Barn Baron is able to hand select the wood that meets their quality standards.  All of the dimensional wood and siding is stored indoors and/or out of the elements in our old barns, preserving the character until it is ready to be repurposed … or what we like to think was its intended purpose all along.